DOT/Erosion Control

Agassiz Seed & Supply is a professional landscaper's or contractor's "one-stop-shop" for all things DOT/Erosion Control. With our capability, knowledge and experience, Agassiz can offer almost any DOT seed mix required by the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, along with the tools needed to complete the job. Utilize our industry knowledge and experience in purchasing the right products for your needs.

  1. Certified State Seed MixesCertified State Seed Mixes
  2. MulchMulch
  3. Erosion Control Blankets and TRM'sErosion Control Blankets and TRM's
  4. Logs and WattlesLogs and Wattles
  5. Floating Silt Curtain & Silt FenceFloating Silt Curtain & Silt Fence
  6. Inlet ProtectionInlet Protection
  7. DOT Specification SheetsDOT Specification Sheets