“The new tester arrived. I have only ran a couple of comparisons; one with a Motomco that normally runs one half to one point higher than the average. The new Mini Gac was .7 lower. I took several samples of HRSW to the Beach Co-op and compared to their new machine they bought from you this year as well. One sample was 17.9 Mini Gac vs. 18.0. The other sample was 14.2 Mini Gac vs. 14.6 at Beach. If it will maintain this kind of accuracy with other crops, I will be completely satisfied. Thank you for being so helpful. I showed a friend of mine the Mini Gac. He was interested so I gave him your card”.
- Kory Scammon, Wilbaux, MT

“I have been extremely happy with using Agassiz Seed & Supply in sourcing my lawn seed, food plot seed, and grass mixes. Not only is the quality of every product very top-notch, but their friendly customer service and quick response make working with them a breeze. Recently, I had a customer come to me looking for a grass mixture to plant on some of their very salty ground that wasn't productive at all. I called Agassiz Seed and they recommended their Saline Area Mix. My customer was amazed with the establishment of the mix. After some time, it grew in nice and full and now he’s helping to decrease the salinity of that soil. I’d recommend Agassiz Seed & Supply to anyone selling seed. Reputable. Professional. Quality.”
- Chris Reiger - Pioneer Dealer, Walcott, ND.