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Agassiz Seed is committed to supplying our customers with the right twine for their needs. Agassiz works with several manufacturers to ensure we have the right products for the markets in which we serve.

Founded in 1975, Bridon Cordage has been pioneering, developing and perfecting polypropylene twine since the introduction of the mechanical baler, earning a reputation as the industry’s front-runner. All of their twines are made in the USA.

The Integra Series™ Premium Netwrap is the culmination of more than 25 years of experience in baling across America. Our available options include the following widths with a variety of lengths: 48 inches, 51 inches, 64 inches and 67 inches.

Industry leaders estimate that the net wrap market is growing 10 percent per year. Agassiz has partnered with the leaders in this industry to bring you the best products on the market. Our available options include the following widths with a variety of lengths: 48 inches, 51 inches, 64 inches and 67 inches.

This unique twine is designed to give the user the benefits of both plastic and sisal twines. The advantage of Clearfield™ Twine is a combination of sisal twine’s degradability and plastic twine’s durability.

Brazilian Sisal Twine has long been recognized as the finest sisal twine. Every bale is treated to guard against mildew, rodents and rot. Brazilian sisal twine is manufactured with pure natural sisal fibers that guarantee the only true biodegradable product, safe for animals and the environment.

We understand that every operation is different, so we have several other options of more economic choices for our customers on all of our twines and net wraps. Simply reach out to one of our Forage Harvest Supply Specialists to find out which product best suits your needs. It is our promise that we can supply you with the best product for your application.

Hay Guard® is the new way to treat hay. It contains no acid or bacteria. Hay Guard® allows hay producers and contractors to bale their hay with up to 25 percent moisture. This allows for greener and more nutritious hay. University research proves that Hay Guard® improves milk production and keeps hay from heating. Hay Guard® is proven safe for all livestock, including horses. Hay Guard® makes application easy with just one application rate regardless of moisture.

Silo Guard® is a unique approach to improving the quality of silage and hay. Silo Guard® is a sulfur-based product that scavenges oxygen from the forage, so molds and yeast are diminished. This helps to speed along fermentation, and improve the quality of the forage. Silo Guard® contains no acid and is safe to handle.

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