Wildlife Mixtures

Bighorn Deer Mix

(10 lb. bags. Planted at 10 lbs/Acre.)

Bighorn DeerA blend of selected legumes and grasses designed to provide optimum forage quality for deer. It should improve health and production of deer populations, improve winter survival rates, attract deer to an area, and allow for better spring condition of deer.

Wildlife Brassica Mix

(5 lb. bags. Planted at 5 lbs/Acre.)

Wildlife BrassicaFormulated for late season forage as leaves taste bitter until the 1st or 2nd heavy frost. Then the leaves become sweet and very desirable to the animal. They will consume the leaves until early winter and then graze on the bulbs.

Annual Food Mix

(25 lb. bags. Planted at 25 lbs/Acre.)

Annual Food MixThese species of annual crops provide a high quality food source for various types of wildlife.

Upland Game Mix

(25 lb. bags. Planted at 15-20 lbs/Acre.)

Upland Game MixThis habitat mixture is a special selection of grasses and legumes designed to provide excellent cover for pheasants and other upland game bird species. For the serious sportsman or individual who enjoys feeding or watching wildlife, this is an excellent combination of seed.